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Why Woodworking?

What are classes like?

What do students make? (1)

What do students make? (2)

What do students make? (3)

What do students make? (4)

Who teaches this class?

Topics within pages:


What is WW Community Service?

What is the knife lesson?

Is Woodworking Safe?

What is Arena Scheduling?

The Photos

Contact Me

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The photographs

   I took all the photos on this website, except those in which I appear.  They were taken at Richmond School within the last twelve years or so.  I have intentionally not identified any of the students to protect their privacy.  If you would like a photo of yourself or of your child removed from the site, please let me know and it will be gone quickly.

This website
   I created this website for the Richmond School community.  I am responsible for its contents and any errors it might contain.  This site has been tested on Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera browsers on Mac desktop and laptop computers.  It also displays well on an iPad 2 in horizontal and vertical ortentations in Safari and Chrome but not, for some reason, in Bing.  My first attempt at creating a website, it was built with Kompozer.   Rich


Dear Parents and Students,

  Welcome to the Richmond School Woodworking website!

   I've tried to make this site a comprehensive overview of what we do in the shop and why. Please browse it for answers to any questions you may have about the course.

  There may be a lot more detail than you need, but just glancing at the photographs will give you a pretty good idea of our activities and goals.

             Richard Starr,
               Woodworking teacher